During the 18th december.

During the 18th december, DRT (Dolls of the Round Table) went for a christmas shoot. it is a rather interesting shoot…since I was not there but Aoi-chan and her Twin older sister is there.

(Note: All photos are either taken by Ju Teng or Alvin and Iwa)

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The reason for hiatus

the reason why I’ve not been posting pictures is because of this. and was rather busy with events and stuff involving the group I just join.

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STGCC/Comrades/Aoi-chan and hell lot of FUN!

Guys… I might have lost some readers due to me not updating for awhile… sorry guys! Was too busy with events that came up unknowingly *laughs…anyways, I am gonna post about STGCC! on Sat 11 December 2010!… Enjoy!

first off, Aoi chan came out from her slumber… her first event she partake! She was excited to see all of Papa’s friends! awww such a good girl XD love her alot XD Read more of this post

Kotobuki Minako’s New Single.

Great…I know this is late but… still… Minako chan’s new Single called Startline… Read more of this post


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Hello People

Heya folks, Name OngYT friends of Kacin and i am a Singaporean just like him and shares the same interest. And from today on, i will be helping him with his blog like posting stuff etc etc an also learning how to start a blog. Hope to see you guys more^^

Aoi-chan being angry!

Aoi-chan was angry with me when I was out for quite awhile…I was at MMK

Took a photo with Miyu… awww the moe-ness! Read more of this post