…Attending Japanese Classes… damn it, it is really hard…the homework is really crazy…well, I just do not understand them…

yes…it is ore no imouto light novel… tried to read it…apparently it takes rather long for me to read a page…

now now… I got a name card of one of my father’s Japanese client.


About kacinfigurines
hmm...A friendly person I guess (this is what my friends say) an AWESOME GUY!(no I am just kidding) and an OTAKU オタク (from Shoko-tan, it is called WOTAKU ヲタク)

6 Responses to Japanese(language)

  1. Fabrice says:

    Im going to start soon with classes, all depending if i have a suitable amount to continue it.
    Ive been wanting to do it for 2years >.<


  2. Ong says:


  3. Ong says:


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