Japan Day 2 (Phase 1)

Ok… day 2 in japan Tokyo. As you guys know, I am staying at Some area near Ginza called “Dai-ichi Hotel”…a really nice hotel. Heard it was a 5star hotel. Never paid much attention to it. Anyways, I went to Ueno… had something that looks like this…

^… it is surprisingly nice… though I think it cost about 800yen-ish?

Ueno is a really awesome place… I found a HUGE…well not exactly but erm you get the point… a Toy stall

ok… the Ueno Park TIME!!

they had some flea market thing… looks interesting!

ok… this is another part of the Ueno Park…

Back to the city. This is an area i really have no idea what it is called…

I guess I need to do another phase…


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hmm...A friendly person I guess (this is what my friends say) an AWESOME GUY!(no I am just kidding) and an OTAKU オタク (from Shoko-tan, it is called WOTAKU ヲタク)

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