Japan Day 2 (Phase 2)

Ok… Phase 2 of Japan day 2!! *Shrieks with joy!

Ok this time, I am in Akihabara…(Grasp) YES!! Akihabara! the Otaku Wonderland!… damn… I am only there for a while though…buying my FIRST Dollfie Dream!! (aka:DD)

YAY!!… ok after I exited the ticket booth… I saw this…

YES… Kamen Rider W and Kamen Rider OOO movie Poster… More details >>>here<<<

… After I step out of the subway (地下鉄)they greeted me with this!

Ok… forgot to take a photo of Radio Kaikan… sad…really sad…

After this… I went up to volks…Level 6… Dollfie Dream TIME!!!

Hehe… I bought my very first DD… Aoi-chan!!… It took me a long time approx 2 hrs to choose the clothes.

Ahh so worth the time!

ahhh Milky Holmes poster! saw this on the streets

Nanoha TOO!!

AHHH… oh and erm… SOFTBANK!

Ok we… we need a another Phase… Phase 3 coming up soon I guess…


About kacinfigurines
hmm...A friendly person I guess (this is what my friends say) an AWESOME GUY!(no I am just kidding) and an OTAKU オタク (from Shoko-tan, it is called WOTAKU ヲタク)

2 Responses to Japan Day 2 (Phase 2)

  1. OngYT says:

    Lovely pics. But no Radio Kaikan:(

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