Aoi-chan being angry!

Aoi-chan was angry with me when I was out for quite awhile…I was at MMK

Took a photo with Miyu… awww the moe-ness!It was kinda embarrassing to go myself…so I went there with 2 friends…yes…I am sorry I did not take a photo and stuff because MMK forbids them…

lols…ok back to more of Aoi!

and now…her being angry with me… for being out soo long…

well… Aoi-chan… gomen!!


About kacinfigurines
hmm...A friendly person I guess (this is what my friends say) an AWESOME GUY!(no I am just kidding) and an OTAKU オタク (from Shoko-tan, it is called WOTAKU ヲタク)

4 Responses to Aoi-chan being angry!

  1. Aoi-chan says:

    atashi?… damn right I am angry… Papa was out with girls…

  2. OngYT says:

    no no no, he was out with me XD

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