Hello People

Heya folks, Name OngYT friends of Kacin and i am a Singaporean just like him and shares the same interest. And from today on, i will be helping him with his blog like posting stuff etc etc an also learning how to start a blog. Hope to see you guys more^^


About OngYT
I am a Singaporean 15 years old Student Currently studying and playing at the same time. I am into anything Japan like Anime, Manga, Japanese etc .

8 Responses to Hello People

  1. Aoi-chan says:

    hello god dad!!

  2. OngYT says:

    Ahhh Aoi chan. How are you XDXD

  3. andy says:


  4. Aoi-chan says:

    oops… I went into the wrong email… XD
    ok hi again YT!

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