STGCC/Comrades/Aoi-chan and hell lot of FUN!

Guys… I might have lost some readers due to me not updating for awhile… sorry guys! Was too busy with events that came up unknowingly *laughs…anyways, I am gonna post about STGCC! on Sat 11 December 2010!… Enjoy!

first off, Aoi chan came out from her slumber… her first event she partake! She was excited to see all of Papa’s friends! awww such a good girl XD love her alot XD

we straight way saw MARVEL…as you know, I don’t really like western comics so… yea I was in there for the Japanese stuff XD

Lord Vader! This really is life size Vader… Darth Vader is way too cool! Thumbs up!

saw this really EPIC figurine… *Nosebleed*  Gurren Lagann FTW!

and here is Yoko taking the EPIC-NESS to the EXTREME!!! kyaa I really want this (X_X)

Fate looking as cool as always!

Aoi is kinda pissed because I forgot to get her Mars Bar… but her anger is in silence… she gave me hell after we got home (X_X)

was queuing up to get my new Nakama (Comrade) Esther AKB48 tickets…yes I know I am really good at influencing people XD

time to do some charity… so I went to the 501st Legion (not Strike Witches!!) Singapore Garrison to support My friend Desmond and Gordon!

Gordon went sand trooper …(the one with a freaking long rifle!) and Desmond was not there because he nearly fainted because of fatigue XD he was like a Zombie XD

awww Aoi was looking somewhere else still pissed with me…  the troopers are awesome XD

after that, met a few more nakamas with who owns dollfies!

ok the person at the top is Ong YT… the Dollfie ain’t his… it is Ethan’s Miku!

Yukino with makeup done! This belongs to Mizu… so kawaii! Yukino is holding a really cute bunny XD

surprisingly, Aoi went into a box with a girl inside it… The storm Trooper is Desmond… Yes he came back alive and kicking XD and Carrying out Storm Trooper duty !

lets take a look what this bag contains!

really little stuff…but still…

Now we are queuing up to enter AKB48 stage thing…

and this! Storm Trooper and a Cosplayer (Ranka Lee cosplayer…Macross FTW!) and Aoi take a photo together XD Desmond really is alive and kicking!…

at the AKB48 thing… Jeff (aka Fan Boy) went crazy in the area where the whole group is just standing in silence… We seriously pretended not to know him… crazy fan boy

after the meet up thing, we received some news… that made us go crazy… hehe…not exposing as what my New Nakama use, hur hur hur XD

and what is crazier than taking a group photo with SOZO bosses!

that day was freaking AWESOME!

after that, another Photo without the crazy fan boy!

yea… this was how we ended our day! what a blast!


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hmm...A friendly person I guess (this is what my friends say) an AWESOME GUY!(no I am just kidding) and an OTAKU オタク (from Shoko-tan, it is called WOTAKU ヲタク)

2 Responses to STGCC/Comrades/Aoi-chan and hell lot of FUN!

  1. Ong says:

    Yes, that doll is not mine.

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