Japan Day 2 (Phase 2)

Ok… Phase 2 of Japan day 2!! *Shrieks with joy!

Ok this time, I am in Akihabara…(Grasp) YES!! Akihabara! the Otaku Wonderland!… damn… I am only there for a while though…buying my FIRST Dollfie Dream!! (aka:DD)

YAY!!… ok after I exited the ticket booth… I saw this… Read more of this post


Japan Day 2 (Phase 1)

Ok… day 2 in japan Tokyo. As you guys know, I am staying at Some area near Ginza called “Dai-ichi Hotel”…a really nice hotel. Heard it was a 5star hotel. Never paid much attention to it. Anyways, I went to Ueno… had something that looks like this…

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Japan DAY 1

OK… I was in japan… at the 27th november.

Nothing special just that well, I am in JAPAN!

Konata say NYAA~! I am in the airport at about 3am-ish? Read more of this post